Policy and Procedures developed by industry leaders

Policies and procedure are constantly changing based on new regulations and standards of care. During the survey process, well-written and managed policies and procedures can eliminate citations and financial penalties. With SNF Clinic, all policies and procedures are stored on your facility’s fully customizable and easily searchable database.

Features include:
  • Administrative Policies and Procedures
  • Operational Policies and Procedures
  • Nursing Services Policies and Procedures
  • Infection Control Policies and Procedures
  • Critical Element Pathways
  • Appendices of Forms and Checklists
  • Track and Record Policy Review by Staff

Nurse Training: From Basic to Advanced Skills

SNF Clinic’s library of over 150 interactive, engaging training videos provides ongoing education on how to correctly perform basic nursing procedures. Clear, step-by-step demonstrations of key nursing procedures present the skills your facility’s staff needs to confidently provide outstanding resident care.

  • Overviews present the purpose of the skill, safety precautions, and delegation guidelines to help you put skills in the context of patient care.
  • Preparation includes patient assessment and any appropriate patient preparation needed before the procedure.
  • Equipment familiarizes you with the most current equipment used for each procedure.
  • Procedure Videos let you watch and learn with over 150 videos of key nursing procedures that are performed by real nurses and feature the most current practices.
  • Procedure guidelines that include the steps for each procedure.
  • Follow-up Care outlines appropriate assessment, evaluation, and interventions to ensure comprehensive patient care.
  • Documentation provides guidelines on what and how to document care provided and patient response, and includes sample documentation that can be printed for review.
  • Review Questions feature NCLEX examination-style review questions with rationales so you can evaluate your understanding of each skill.
  • Integrated Track and Report competency testing
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Survey Tools and CMS 2567 POC Database

Compliance with CMS regulations and guidelines is the foundation for regulatory readiness and is critical to your facility’s participation in the Medicare and Medicaid programs. The experts at SNF Clinic track, compile, and continually update the most prevalent E-Tag, F-Tag and K-Tag citations that skilled nursing facilities are receiving nationwide. This information is housed in an online database containing up-to-date training on avoiding survey tags and thousands of actual CMS 2567 forms and approved plans of correction. This allows your facility to take the guess work out of preparing for and responding to the survey process.

PointClickCare Training and Assessments Database

PointClickCare is the number one health care platform used by skilled nursing facilities nationwide. Success in a facility is often contingent upon staff knowing and fully utilizing PointClickCare. SNF Clinic training is designed to empower your staff to complete all operations within PointClickCare, from the most basic to the most advanced. In addition, our training on PointClickCare includes hundreds of assessments to assist in identifying each resident’s functional capabilities and ensure that your staff is properly identifying health problems.

Progress and Reports

Always be prepared with the progress data and reports your facility needs for compliance. SNF Clinic allows your facility to monitor staff educational course completions with easy to use tracking tools. SNF Clinic’s powerful staff education and monitoring tools allow your facility to track and record training and in-services, updates to facility policies and procedures, and much more. SNF Clinic also allows administrative staff to send personalized messages and memos to key staff.

Message Center and Updates

In the long-term care community, effective communication is paramount to resident care and relationships, team effectiveness, and employee engagement. SNF Clinic’s Message Center allows your administrative staff to quickly communicate with all staff through email and text message.In addition,our experts prepare a weekly update on key issues, news, and resources in the skilled nursing industry so that your staff is always up-to-date.